I had the pleasure of working with Mary from 2001-2008 and I could
not have survived without her special help and support. She has been
miracle worker through the years.
~ Fran T.


Mary was a godsend. She always
went above and beyond…
~ Marlene G.


Mary embodies the qualities that I most identify
with social workers – she is honest, compassionate,
thoughtful and responsible. Her judgement is
impeccable and her participation in difficult patient
situations has been invaluable.
~ Cindy B.


Mary’s passion and intensity for her job is unparalleled.
She radiates such a huge amount of positive energy that
you can only feel better when you are done talking with her.
~ Dale D.


Mary’s professionalism, practical  knowledge and sincere caring about
her patients and clients make her a star of the first magnitude.
~ Reid H


Mary is an absolute gem. Her calming presence and soothing smile
helped me handle many difficult times over the past 3 years.
~Sarah W.